sun fnaf tumblr. Le Batteur :] off game the batter off mortis ghost off the batter mortis ghost digital art. Hee hee ello there fnaf fandom >:) Yea I just want to make Sun and Moon art lmao I’m here tho :D. But they couldn't leave the house, so you offered to take it and live in it. But I felt it was deserved with the hell that Sun and Moon had already endured and the angst, hurt/comfort, . nothing against them, just that i’m not. A Casual Art Blog — Frebby. Hey 🌙 anon, I saw you were having a hard time, and I would like to tell you I'm here for you, and we're all here for you. For first, look at these three Bonnies: We have a normal animatronic, toy animatronic and veeeery damaged animatronic. You’re standing in your home, looking out the window as a light summer rain falls outside. ⛧彡 — Sun/Moon and Monty are very touch starved. fnaf sb fnaf five nights at freddy's five nights at freddy's security breach daycare attendant fnaf sb au fnaf sundrop fnaf moondrop fnaf sun fnaf moon sundrop moondrop sorry for my terrible. 👻Annie👻 — Sunny/Moon × Security Guard Reader with Insomnia. These ones are a little older but have some sun and moons! my art doodle requests doodles fanart fnaf five nights at freddy's security breach fnaf security breach sundrop moondrop sun moon fnaf sun and moon fnaf sunny fnaf moondrop fnaf moony fnaf sundrop fnaf fanart. Here are a number of highest rated Sun Man F Naf Security Breach pictures on internet. The Sun rays became a night cap. #oc lore #si: grey #obey me self insert #obey me oc #obey me mc #long post #om!au More you might like. As long as you promise, promise, PROMISE to leave the lights on, he'll swear to make your shifts more fun than you could ever imagine!(After all, he rarely ever gets the chance to have slumber parties!)And don't worry about nodding off-if you feel. Sun is docile, unlike their other half, but seems to be rather particular about rules. Like most of Fnaf could have been prevented…. ashe writes stuff fnaf security breach sun fnaf sundrop x reader fnaf sundrop fnaf sunny fnaf sun x reader sundrop fnaf daycare attendant daycare attendant. This is a 7'3 sun and a 4'10 Gregory. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. Sun/moon Wife — Sun/moon ☀️🌑☀️ {smut} {fluff} {headcanons}. Sunnydrop Verse (FNAF Security Breach): FC: Sun (FNAF Security Breach) Here comes Sunnydrop, the excitable caregiver to your kids that doesn't ever stop smiling! Fun, friendly, and always on the move, this sunny guy is sure to give your kids a great time…as long as they keep the lights on. go ahead sun man fnaf sun fnaf five nights at freddy's sun fnaf fnaf sundrop fnaf sunnydrop sundrop sunnydrop 1,554 notes Dec 27th, 2021. #moondrop #sundrop #fnaf #human #gijinka #gregory #glamrock freddy #in my hc theyre just 2 ai in one robot not brothers #then they built another robot body for moon #there still close tho lol #not ship #sun cant emote #f. ° sundrop as a caregiver would be so comforting. Pinned Post security breach five nights at freddy's daycare attendant fnafsb fnaf security breach fnaf moon fnaf moon animatronic fnaf sun fnaf sun . fnaf security breach fnaf sun fnaf moon fanart fnaf moon animatronic fnaf moondrop fnaf sun and moon fnaf sunny fnaf sun animatronic fnaf superstar daycare fnaf sunrise sundropfnaf sundrop and moondrop fnaf sb fnafsb fnaf sun fanart fanart best duo. (I do like how it turned out tho-) fnaf mangle what was i thinking fnaf 2 fanart i was boooored fnaf drawings fnaf doodle fnaf fanart. Congrats on the release! We’ve been waiting for so long…😭Thank you Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios for your hard work! #SecurityBreach 発売おめでとうございます🍕🎉🎊 今日という日をずっと待っておりました;;製作陣、関係者の方々本当に感謝感激でございます…😭 💜. my mum suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, opens my door, stares at me, and telling me to sleep is scarier than frikkin moondrop himself. Loch Ness Art — Helpful Sun Pt. Tags: fnaf security breach sundrop plush, fnaf security breach sun and moon, fnaf meme, fnaf glam, phone guy fnaf fnaf, security breach, five nights at freddys, fnaf security breach, glamrock freddy, horror, vanny, freddy, glamrock, freddy fazbear, five nights at freddys security breach, fnaf vanny, animatronic, fnaf security breach fnaf security breach fnaf security breach fnaf security. sun and moon look pretty jester like so i thought it'd fit more fnaf puppet fnaf marionette fnaf security breach security breach fnaf five nights at freddy's 27 notes Open in app. Canada prioritizing Ukrainian immigration applications amid Russian invasion. ☀️Sunnydrop + Insomniac!Reader. Slim fit, so size up if you prefer a looser fit, or check out the Classic T-Shirt. Stuffing her flip phone that she has been. 200 sec Dimensiones: 498x280 Creado: 12/19/2021, 2:39:55 AM. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; I’m open to any questions. I even started the name “glammike” too. Wake up (Human!Fnaf 4 x reader) After you and your siblings finally grew up enough to have a life of your own, your parents could finally make their dream come true. scraptrap phantom of the opera phantom of the opera au fnaf five nights at freddy's william afton retro1307 poto poto au drawing color. I'm Snap! (she/her) 11/18/XX, Minor. Feel free to draw these skrunkly guys with credit! Little more info on them under the cut. Heather Willow (south park) Chance amberstone (Hazbin hotel) Luna Lamplight (hazbin hotel) Cherish golde “Lady Luck” (Cuphead) Adore …. Filed under: #dont ask why all the pages are broken up this was tbh one strip but tumblr did NOT like that shit so 4 quality i had 2 fuck it up #sundrop #moondrop #sun fnaf #moon fnaf #fnaf security breach #fnaf sb. Y'all better start making x readers of these bitch animatronics or I'm throwing hands because there isn't enough. After downloading it, select the one you want, click rename, and put the name you want it to be but with. Welcome to my Tumblr I guess! On this blog I’ll probably be posting random thoughts about octonauts. fnaf five nights at freddy's fnaf security breach pokemon pokémon fnaf sundrop fnaf sun fnaf moondrop fnaf moon fnaf daycare attendant IK these are like. Probably out of reach of the kids but still where he could find it. 18+ Sundrop sun drop fnaf sun censored funny sun jester robot fanart fan art. Discover more posts about sundrop, daycare attendant, the daycare attendant, moondrop, sunnydrop, fnaf sun, and Sun x moon. I’m no one if I’m nowhere in between!. Sun manages, its voice a little tense. See more posts like this on Tumblr. I am a new daycare attendant I was mostly planning to get a job behind the counters but the boss saw I used to volunteer at a small daycare I asked why since I heard they had a robot take care of kids but boss said it’s best to have more people to take care of the kids since the daycare has been getting more popular and they …. i hate incest/pedophilia shippers. fnaf five nights at freddy's five nights at freddy's security breach security breach fnaf security breach glitchtrap vanny vanny x protect guard vanessa fnaf fnaf william afton william afton vanny fnaf. : Hiya there!! May I please request a Sundrop x. Sun Man F Naf Security Breach. I’m not serious about dropping fnaf. glue, mine is “Wikol Glue” it’s glue for wood I think…. tags: fnaf fnaf security breach fnaf sun fnaf moon five nights at freddy's. Higgsbury knock art random thing that came in mind i just desided to let the smol bud to say something good and soul warming somehow my english speaking abilities decreased i donno why xd. If you like my art and want to see more and help me as a creator then please consider sharing or booking a commission. You can help make this change too. I`m a professional 2D-Game Artist and a FNaF Artist! My tumblr: pinky-pills. Rises The Moon Fnaf Security Breach Animatic W Moon Sun. Welcome to the SUPERSTAR DAYCARE!!! -. 180 Sunrise/Sundrop fnaf sb ideas in 2022. fnaf dsaf homestuck weird seeing those tags together lol william afton springtrap dsaf dave dsaf jack dsaf henry dsaf dee dsaf steven davesport fnaf sun fnaf moon michael afton dave strider my blogs namesake! havent drawn him in AGES toy bonnie mangle jade harley eridan ampora day shift at freddy's dave miller jack kennedy. Discover more posts about the daycare attendant, daycare attendant, fnaf daycare attendant, fnaf sun, sundrop, fnaf sb, and moondrop. #fnaf #five nights at freddys #sun #gif #fnaf sb #fnaf security breach #security breach #daycare attendant #sundrop #sunnydrop #glitch sun #glitch sundrop More you might like | Zurg (Lightyear 2022) disney pixar toy story buzz lightyear zurg emperor zurg lightyear movie lightyear 2022 gif gifs gifset gifpack. So I decided to practice hugging and this was the result. Just make sure they are child friendly or you will be. The Universal Blog — Let Gregory and Sun be friends!!!. 360 Sun and Moon Guys in FNaF ideas in 2022. Just a shy clown doing art. He was more responsible than sun, which is why apart of him still takes it upon himself to clean up Gregory’s distraction, knowing the kid is getting away. “H-Here I am! Just like you asked!”. Look, they’re gone now and really whose fault is that?. and his snout and head is one piece, when others are always- snout/beak and head. Tags: sundrop, fnaf, sun, security breach, rapunzel, soda, tangled, five nights at freddys, tangled the series, sun drop, moondrop, fnaf security breach, cassandra, flynn rider, logo, diet sundrop, diet, nc, north carolina, flower, pascal, brand, diet sun drop, cherry lemon sundrop, cherry lemon sun drop, diet cherry lemon sundrop, diet cherry lemon sun drop, vintage, moonstone, moon, sundrop. Cover 350gsm, paper stock 90gsm. for example : glittergolf 169 notes. Au where Sasha is a vampire, Marcy is a werewolf, and Anne is a human. On the AU, "Remnant" is the term given by RXQ to the energy that comes out from humans when theyre exposed to extreme tense situations. #fnaf sun and moon on Tumblr www. sun drop fnaf fnaf security breach sun and moon art security breach horror horror art shut up and listen fantasy anime art tumblr artists on tublr sunnydrop sunrise 384 notes Dec 21st, 2021 Open in app. Also please keep hydrated with water <3. You had quite the bad dream,” Moon Drop said softly, once you registered what had happened. He blurts out, shoving a piece of paper in your face and pointing at the blue stick figures with red, green and yellow dots all over it. My HC designs for Sun and Moon! Had some awful burnout lately, hopefully I can break out of it by drawing these two more. (Ask blog for Fnaf Help Wanted Vr yes she's cute but deadly. Mar 15, 2022 — 27 notes — Tags. Moon drawing that vaguely matches the sun one from a few days ago just somethin simple and quick to feed my moon kick rn lmao☆♡ actually really like this drawing fnaf sundrop fnaf sunrise fnaf sun and moon sundrop fnaf daycare attendant fnaf sb fnaf fanart fnaf security breach glittergolf art. dan or danny for short if you wish and this is my bloody tumblr blog, no i am not british. w a r n i n g s: hurt/comfort, frustration and crying (is this a warning? dunno), sun just makes me wanna cry :(. Other tumblr account: Ocs - @kimtiny-universes. (Finally back to posting! Here’s something small while I work on commissions and such, thank you for all your support of my ask blog 🙏💕). Ask Sun And Moon Announcement Fnaf Security Breach mp3. fnaf fnaf security breach five nights at freddy's fnaf sun fnaf moon fnaf oc sundrop moondrop eclipse fnaf eclipse. #fnaf #sun and moon #fanart #art #digital art #sketch #fnaf security breach #fnaf daycare attendant #animatronics #game fanart fnaf fnaf security breach fnaf daycare attendant sun and moon game fanart fanart digital art art illustration sketch animatronics. Please refrain from viewing this catalogue if you are below the age of majority for your species, as there may be mature content documented here. Those are definitely good ideas! Also I could totally see Chica being a seagull (or at least, maybe constantly. 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗮𝘄𝗲 — Can I'm have the sun animatronic x reader. Imagine Monty finding out one day that Sun has a little Keychain of him clipped on them somewhere. itsyourfriendlyneighborhoodtrash said: I think 2 looks the best, but that's more the face than the hat/spikes. fnaf fnaf fanart fnaf security breach fnaf monty gator fnaf chica fnaf roxanne. Sun comforting y/n :) Posted on Mar 6, 2022 with 857 notes #webcore #old web #gif #blender #3d #transparent #retro #transparent gif #arcadecore #y2k #sun #sunrise #sundrop #fnaf #sun fnaf #fivenightsatfreddysfanart #five nights at freddys #five nights at freddy's #daycare attendant #fnaf daycare attendant #sun x y/n #sundrop x y/n #sundrop x. oc fnaf fnaf sun and moon fnaf sun fnaf sun fanart fnaf sun animatronic fnaf sunnydrop fnaf sundrop fnaf sunny fnaf sunrise fnaf moon fnaf moon fanart fnaf moondrop fnaf moon animatronic fnaf monty gator fnaf montgomery fnaf freddy fnaf glamrock freddy fnaf glamrock monty fnaf glamrock chica fnaf glamrock roxy fnaf roxanne fnaf vanny. Requests are Open — I stand with Ukraine. LilacCat — Tried shoving all of my old and new fnaf. I also try to use the keyboard shortcuts, like E for the eraser and A, S, D for changing my brushes. Check out our fnaf sun cosplay selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costumes shops. Ninja Crow — There isn't enough Sun/Moon dad moments, so I. because sunrise was always talking about you and it was making moon animatronic an get bored. Its submitted by meting out in the best field. You feel a presence behind you as their hands slowly come to rest on your hips, pulling you back against their. #fnaf #fnaf security breach #fnaf sundrop #fnaf moondrop #moondrop #sundrop #fnaf sun #fnaf moon. Posted on Mar 13,2022 | 2 notes. Sun And Moon Fnaf Security Breach GIF. Hello, welcome to my FNAF sideblog! It's mostly going to be centered around Sun & Moon. It upset your guardian enough they dragged you to the daycare and forced you to stay there the rest of the day. #fnaf #Little Rabbit AU #fnaf sb #fnaf security breach #fnaf sun #fnaf gregory #fnaf sundrop #fnaf sunny #fnaf sunnydrop #fnaf sunrise #fnaf freddy #fnaf glamrock #fnaf glamrock freddy #glamrock #glamrock freddy More you might like. Deltarune Dump — FNaF Incorrect Quotes Because I CAN. #fnaf #five nights at freddy's #fnaf: glamrock chica glamrock freddy glamrock bonnie montgomery gator monty gator roxanne wolf roxy wolf sunnydrop sundrop sunrise sun fnaf fnaf sun moondrop moon fnaf fnaf moon daycare attendant fnaf sb security breach spoilers fnaf memes. Safe, because for now people only know about him in the FNAF community, are constantly shown together in some tumblr and Twitter posts. Ninilo•~ — Sundrop (Moon) x Reader. Open in app; Sun being a charming butler while handing you a glass of whatever you asked Him while He just compliments you imagines fnaf security breach sundrop x reader security breach sundrop sundrop and moondrop moondrop security breach moondrop x reader was. fnaf fnafsb fnaf sb fnaf security breach five nights at freddys five nights at freddy's security breach sun animatronic sunrise gif. I'm Sun while I may technically be a daycare attendant I'm really a pre-k teacher for mainly employee children. Sun And Moon Hello this is a ask blog I made with my BEST friend moon! Ask us any questions you would like! Us daycare attendants just CAN'T WAIT to awnser your questions! ~ ☀️ ~ ☀️ = sun 🌗 = moon 🃏= Op/ @deck0fcards ~ (Yes sun and moon are different animationics here no real reason other than it sounds more fun) Added on info: (Ooc). Brianna — So I’ve been playing DMC lately…. art my art drawing random oc original character. h e l l o • — “Hoo Hoo Hoo!”. They have been taking care of kids when they're ten years old. Colors are ink printed on the frosted shell surface. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible any emotion or physial damage, distress or personal injuries. THANKS TO A [ [FUCKED UP SERVER]] I"VE [ [become]] NEO!!!!! [\/ textless version \/] Keep reading. Wanted to share this lovely commission of Mayhem I got from @/schn1tzell on Twitter!. The shiny stripped fabric was covered in layers of dust from years of no movement. Remnant on the AU is not the same as main line games (not remnants of souls). tags : { my eyes are bleeding but i did it :D } fnaf rp daycare attendant sundrop sun fnaf moon fnaf moondrop disney rp oc rp dreamworks rp five nights at freddy's rp five nights at freddy's. Warning: Characters might be a little OC, swearing, and I might’ve make some grammar mistakes. ~a r t i n g~ — Roxanne 💕. Or that the Keychain was GIFTED by a kid in the daycare and Monty finds out too because Sun mentioned him being their favourite Glamrock. He adores the way your eyes light up, and the way you're so bashful upon accepting his gifts. So the fnaf fandom dragged me back in with these two- I love them help-. - This blog's storyline is an AU, so it may not strictly follow FNAF's canon. solar lunacy sundrop moondrop fnaf security breach fnaf sb fnaf moondrop fnaf sun fnaf daycare attendant fnaf moon. their reaction when a child is lost. See more 'Sundrop / Moondrop (FNAF)' images on Know Your Meme!. UTMV And FNaF Have Me In A Chokehold. Empty Cat Café — sha burger. reblog? Moon beats character development into your kids. headcanons: freddy tried shaking 4 milkshakes in his chest cavity all at once; sun is a sk8r boi and loves skating across the café. Despite my efforts tumblr deleted everything I wrote several times again. meant to be another shitpost but decided to put some effort into it. Jackson Jekyll was my favourite character! And so I made a character for Monster High and he was my first ever proper Oc!.